Fri., February 18, 2000

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February 18, 2000
Me and the starfish in our underwater world. Terry first impression, "Is it real?"

I do come up for air eventually.
A guy told me how his brother was the greatest diver in his village. "He can stay down for 5 minutes."
Another guy in the group said, "Oka! My dad is the greatest diver on island. He goes down for an 30 minutes at a time." The next guy, not to be outdown, "My granddad is the greatest diver in the world. He went down, and he never did come up!" (Thanks, Ben-- currently in Thailand)

Terry at the base of Fatu.

Fatu Island. Aunu'u is an island just off the east end of Tutuilla. You pay maybe $1 for a boat ride over.

Still at Aunu'u. Jonathan and George enjoying a tidal pool.


Sea cucumber anyone? I've not tried it, but I've heard they're good. Kinda makes your mouth water, eh?

These are 6 of Eileen George's paintings.
Eileen wrote: My husband and I both renewed our strength during our three-year stay in Samoa, emotionally and spiritually. We learned to trust people again, and to appreciate that unique culture that cares for everyone, young and old, rich and poor. We learned how little we really needed to have to be happy, and the accumulation of material possessions are not a priority anymore. Samoa has not left our minds for even a day."

The basketry skills are impressive.

Taupou (village virgin) making the ceremonial drink (ava) out of a pepper root.

Young man blowing the conch shell. Note the handsome tatau Samoa. There is significance and different names for different tatoos.

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