Fri., April 21, 2000

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This was a big weekend. 100 year anniversary of the raising of the American flag on American Samoa. Dance, song and ceremony, sporting events and lots of food, and always time with aiga (family) and friends. I do not have photos of the festivities, but I include some shots of Tutuilla.

Terry and I got a 2nd hand kilikiti (cricket) lesson from Nancy. The white and red flags and running between wickets makes a little more sense.

The fautasi heats were exciting. Such sportmanship was shown at the finish line. Boat crews applauding each other.

Terry has always loved big ships since her dad took her to Norfolk, Va., so we toured the U.S. Decataur in Pago Harbor. It has the equivalent of 7 Boeing 747 engines.

The ava ceremony was incredible. I'm anxious to share the photos. We went back to Sailele, one of the most pristine beaches on island. We also went to the park at Vatia and the village of Afono. It is a little frustrating to realize we are leaving when there is so much of Samoa's beauty yet to see.

Next week I'll post some photos from Apia, Western Samoa.

Tofa Soifua, Steve

Views from Sailele.

The Titanic is one of my favorite aiga buses.

Pup and her mom at F.L.Y. market.

U.S. and Samoan flag. Happy Birthday American Samoa.
April 21, 2000

Hibiscus and other flowers of Samoa.


Camel Island is east of Pago Harbor.

View from north side of Tutuilla.

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