Glencoe Ch. 9 Andean South America

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1.      Is Colombia bigger or smaller than Alaska?

2.      What is the only country that borders the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean?

3.      What is a group of mountain chains that run side by side?

4.      What is the capital of Colombia?

5.      Who lives in the Amazon Basin of Colombia? What is its main product?

6.      What do you call the hot grasslands of Colombia? What is the main product?

7.      Is Colombia completely in the tropics?

8.      Does Colombia have a completely tropical climate? Why or why not?

9.      What are some of the unusual birds of Colombia?

10. Colombia is 2nd in the Latin American export of what fruit?

11. (Extra) Does the average American eat about 2, 15, or 30 lbs. of bananas each year?

12. T/F Colombian factories produce many products largely due to rich mineral resources.

13. Colombia produces 90% of the worlds supply of what gem stone?

14. What is the main cash crop of Colombia?

15. How does the population of Colombia and the U.S. compare? Which is larger? 2X, 4X, or 7X?

16. What is the main language of the Andean countries?

17. What is the main religion of the Andean countries?

18. When did Colombia become independent? (1700s, 1800s, or 1900s) (Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama?)

19. Who led Colombia and the other countries to independence?

20. What are the Colombian farmers called who, since the 1940s, moved to the city looking for jobs?

21. What is the big celebration in Columbia just before Easter?

22. What is South Americas 3rd largest country?

23. What is the worlds highest navigable lake?

24. Does the Amazon River begin in Peru?

25. What are three agricultural exports of Peru?

26. What are the main mineral resources of Peru?

27. What was the Native American empire in the 1400s in Peru?

28. Who defeated this Native American empire? 1500s, 16002 or 1700s?

29. What is the capital of Peru? What is Perus largest city?

30. What is the ethnic background of most Peruvians?

31. What does Ecuador mean?

32. What is the name of the current off the coast of Ecuador, and how does it affect the climate?

33. What are the main coastal crops of Peru?

34. What are the main highland crops of Peru?

35. What is the capital of Ecuador?

36. What are the capitals of Bolivia?

37. What are the major land areas of Bolivia?

38. Which part of Bolivia is hot and humid?

39. Which part of Bolivia is cold and dry?

40. What are the main crops of Bolivia?

41. What are the main mineral resources of Bolivia?

42. What is the difference between urban and rural life in Bolivia?

43. What is the capital of Chile?

44. What are the landforms of Chile?

45. What are the main economic activities of Chile?

46. What is the main cultural influence of Chile?

47. Where do most Chileans live?