From the Totally Useless Dept.

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1. Animator vs. Animation
2. There I Fixed It
3. Trunk Monkey, Egging
4. The Economy is so bad...
5. Social Media
6. Ice Fishing
7. Gesto de Amor
8. Shooting Stars, NASA
9. Red Green: Power Windows (Lower Middle class)
10. Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera
11. Monkey With a Death Wish
12. Wasserbett
13. Vick's Mother of the Year
14. OK Go- "This Too Shall Pass" (Rube Goldberg)
15. Animals drunk on Amarula
16. sbailes87 "Visitors"
17. sbailes87 "weblinks"
18. Your Hawaiian name

Ameriquest "Don't Judge Too Quickly"
a. That Killed Him
b. Brownie
c. Cat for dinner?
d. Pooch
e. Concert
f. Getting Robbed
g. Parking Meter Change?

Benvenuto Italia!
La Canzone del Sole, Lucio Battisti

Fa'a Samoa
Te Vaka, Pate Pate