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Ch. 2 Study Guide http://www.stevebailes.org/ECC/Soci/Ch2/Ch2OutlineSG_andResources.htm
Here is the Ch. 6 Study Guide: "Deviance and Social Control"
Printable Ch. 6 Study Guide

You should be prepared for a quiz on your section of Ch. 7. (See expert groups below.) You might want to use these links:
Ch. 7 Study Guide: "Global Stratification"
Printable Ch. 7 Study Guide
Ch. 4 Study Guide: "Social Structure And Interaction"
Printable Ch. 4 Study Guide
Printable Ch. 4 checklist (3 on each sheet)

Ch. 5 Study Guide: "Social Groups and Formal Organizations"
Printable Ch. 5 Study Guide What the World Eats

100 People on Earth 
The Miniature Earth-- A World of 100 People 
The World of 100 People Animated (Primarily Language)
World Manners
Personality Test based on Myers Briggs
Learning Style Inventories, p. 74 Exercise 2.

Click 2 of the learning style links or Google "learning styles inventory" to find a different inventory. 

a. Compare and contrast the results of the 2 tests.
b. Do you agree with the results? Explain.
c. How can knowing your learning style preferences help you become more successful? Give examples.
Turn in written results to S. Bailes, and be prepared to share your findings with the class.

a. Ch. 3 Study Guide: "Socialization"
b. Printable Ch. 3 Study Guide
c. Feral children YouTube 10 min.
d. Harlow's monkey YouTube 2 min.
e. Jean Piaget YouTube 2 min.
f. Sigmund Freud YouTube 2 min.
g. Nature v. Nurture YouTube 2.5 min.
World of Diversity Penn State University-DuBois, a virtual community: chats, photos, etc.