Steve Bailes' Bio

Lives in North River Mills, West Virginia
Married to Terry Ryan Bailes
Born 1953 (do the math)
Retired teacher:15 yrs. 5th and 6th grade self contained; 16 yrs. 7th grade geography; 8th grade WV history; 9th grade World history; American history; 1 yr. teaching overseas-- high school biology (Am. Samoa); bu xi bans—English language school in Taiwan; adjunct professor for Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College: Sociology, Human Diversity, and Western Civilization. Computer tech for AT Computers, Romney, WV (2009). National Park Service "Cumberland Canal Classroom Corps" Ranger (2015).

B.S. cum laude Elementary Ed. with a specialization in social studies, West Virginia University, 1976; M.A. Reading, West Virginia University, 1989 Certified ( West Virginia ) social studies grades 1-9, Elementary 1-8, reading K-12.
Created motivational reading prog.; Created job description, Reading Specialist, '81. Apologies for tooting own horn.)
Assistant Elementary principal, 1984-1987
Completed youth counseling program, 1984
Coordinated school and county social studies fairs
Created a 3 day outdoor science experience for 6th grade students county wide.
Coordinated efforts of state and federal natural resource and agricultural agencies, various private individuals and businesses, and eight schools. Directed program annually (1982-1989) until I left the elementary to teach in the junior high.
Received 2nd place "State Conservation Teacher of the Year" award.
Received grants and implemented a canoe river clean-up project for jr. high students.
Co-coordinated annual 184+ mile 4 day bike trip for jr. high students, beginning in 1993
Created video for an "At Risk" juvenile "Outward Bound" type program. Video was aired "top of the hour" on an ABC network station. (video available)
Created a Renaissance festival involving the community, local elementary schools, and the WV School for the Deaf, 1993-1996.
Co-sponsored biweekly school/community "Chocolate House" (coffee house); contributing comedian, philosopher and guitarist.
1992, served as paid consultant on committee to develop accelerated curriculum for 7th and 9th grade county social studies.
Coached Odyssey of the Mind team; served as a judge
Co-sponsor student peer mediation group.
Co-created Outdoor Environmental Education Day program: DUCKS.
Authored social studies Power Standards for WV Dept. of Educ.
Appointed supervisor to the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District, 1997
Docent/Coordinator for Ice Mountain Nature Preserve; 1999-present (w/ family) received the Nature Conservancy's President's Stewardship Award.
Member of Sons of the American Revolution, and Friends of the Library.
Served as 2011 Entertainment Chairman for Capon Bridge Founders Day:
Appointed Chancellor's representative on WVU Extension Service advisory board.
Served in various church offices (e.g. youth group counselor, lay speaker). Currently trustee of N. River Mills U. Methodist.

Married 1976, 35 years; father of 2 daughters, grandfather of 4. Own and operate an 110 acre family farm: beef, grain and forage operation.

I love teaching. I have taught most of my career in West Virginia, but my wife and I spent a year teaching in Taiwan (bu xi ban-- English language school) and American Samoa (middle school math, social studies and High School biology). I consider myself an innovator. One of the greatest thrills for me is seeing a light of comprehension "come on" in the eye of a learner-- that "I got it!" moment.

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. Terry Lynn and I taught on Tutuila, American Samoa in 1999-2000.
2. I took Terry Lynn to Ireland for her 50th birthday in 2005.
3. Terry Lynn and I taught in English language schools on Taiwan.
4. Terry Lynn and I thoroughly enjoyed chaperoning Hampshire High's exchange trip to Italia.