2005 Christmas Letter
It is a little frustrating to realize our contact with many friends and families comes down to a yearly letter.  We love to hear from friends and family, and visits are even better.
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Steve got to play Santa Christmas Eve 2004.  Josh had told Steph he would have to be gone for their first Christmas together.  Steph was going to spend Christmas with us at Granma's and GrandPap's in Morgantown.  Josh  called us and said he could surprise Steph and make it back for Christmas if we could pick him up in Pittsburgh.  I wish you could have seen the look on Steph's face when Josh came through the Granma's door.
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1.  Terry Lynn stays busy with  church programs.  You can click on the photo or  for Christmas 2004 photos.
2. January began our  calving season. 
3.  In March we visited with Sam and Heather and saw Yosimite.  Heather joined the Hanford, CA police force (as chaplain.) 
A former student took me kayaking over Bull Falls near Harper's Ferry.
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      4. We are Amca and Teyze to Ibrahim, son of  Egemen and Gulsum
5. We lost Uncle Bill in the Spring.
6. Steph and Josh renewed their vows in May in N. River Mills (Heather officiated.)  Steph wanted to celebrate with the community and the church people who had helped her and watched her grow up.
Josh and Steph found out they would be parents.  The due date is Jan 28. The baby has her own website at:   And you can enjoy Dan Hill's, "Unborn Heart," at: 
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7 and 8. Craig moved back east and is enjoying some new tasty treats. It's been fun having Craig living down at the homeplace.  He is "tele commuting" to the University of California, San Diego.   He really enjoys the taste treats Steve cooks up.
9 and 10. Capt. Dave and Jan hosted a swashbuckling Treasure Hunt birthday for Alex.
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11. Our grand-niece, Sydney, was Baptised (Heather officiated.). 
12. Canoeing with the Jones and Craig. 
13. The Annual Hughes/Foster 4th of July Reunion "Up Yonder"
14. Charley Hall helped with water line problems.
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It's nice having Brian Fizer back on the Eastcoast.  His brother, Chris married Krissy in Idaho.
Terry Lynn and I get a kick out of talking about Samoa: Intl. Festivals, schools, etc.
Craig, Terry Lynn and Steve camped at Dolly Sods to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower.
We met Steph and Josh at Luray Caverns.
15. Each year we hold an Ice Mt./N.River Mills Festival. Ice Mt. got considerable media coverage this year: AAA and National Geographic Travel magazines, Terry Lynn starred in the NBC 25 Hagerstown/Cumberland TV, “One Tank Getaways”. One of our Floral stars, the bunchberry, was featured on a National Public Radio segment.  Click here for the In September we were guests at the WV Nature Conservancy's Annual Meeting.  We accepted the "Oustanding Volunteer" Award on behalf of the Ice Mountain docents. Click here for the
16. Alan helped get the deck built.
17. Rev. Stacy Groscup, who was born in Capon Bridge, passed away in September. Click the photo for more information about this incredible man.
18. Brian Hall and Lynn married on Lake Champlain, Vermont in Oct. (Heather again officiated).
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19. We hosted 50 or so campers for "Christmas in the Boonies" in October.
20. In Nov. we celebrated an early Thanksgiving and the church threw a baby shower for Steph.
21. Capon Bridge and the school lost a great friend when Dick Munske passed away in November.
22. Steve is teaching 7th grade geography.  (Photos link to photo albums)  
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23. After many, many majors, Steph graduated with a B.A. in English (and a minor in American Studies) from UNC Charlotte in Dec!  
Piper Makenzie Brown, our unborn granddaughter, continues 
to thrive,and we should get to meet her anytime!
24. Christmas is all about old memories and making new ones.  Steph made ornaments for a "Memory Tree."  Or check out some recipes Heather had from Ruth at:  
Then click on image to see the recipe (large).
Terry Lynn received word in December-- she is officially received state medical retirement.  
She and her doctor are still working on the best treatment for fibromyalsia.
25. We got to ski and sled some in December.  I think we're still due for plenty more cold weather.
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Wishing you and yours a wonderful year filled with joy and peace.
"...for when you come on something that  is good, first thing to do is to share it with whoever you can find; that way the good spreads out to where no telling where it will go." 
The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter, ch.8 p.57.
                                                    With love,
                                                                    Steve and Terry Lynn