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  Nature Conservancy's Ice Mt. Preserve  
and to schedule a visit
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Square bales $3.50 or Round bale Hay $35: orchard grass, fescue, clover mix; Black angus cattle. Contact for details.

Here are some local upcoming events:

-Fort Ashby Days, May 4-5, 10 AM - 3 PM., Reenactors, vendors, blacksmith, food,
Parade Saturday. At the fort in Fort Ashby, WV.

-Thurs. May 9, 5 PM- 7:30 pm, International Culture Fiesta
Come and present, or just come share in the celebration (Facebook event page).

-Sat. May 11, 10AM-2 pm, 24th Annual N. River Mills/Ice Mt. Day 2019
Here is a Facebook event page and a Town Planner event page.

-Here are other Links of Local Interest .

Click the link to see our
Christmas letter for
 2003  or  2004 
Our year on
 Samoa 1999-2000,
Our trips to
Ireland in 2006.
Italia in 2004.
Taiwan 1999.
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Steve's Capon Bridge U. Methodist Charge.
Heather's (Bailes Baker) Cape Cod sermons
Capon Bridge Bobcats
Hampshire High Class of 1972
Kenmore Jr. High '66-'69 (Arlington, VA)
Steve's old classroom site
Wakefield High School (Arlington, VA)
Capon Bridge Middle MultiCultural Festival 2002
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A quilt given to my grand dad, pastor E.G. Bailes by ladies of his church in Boothsville, WV.